• Businessman, CPA and Veteran
  • Former Pres. of CA Public Utilities Commission
  • Former Comm. of CA Transportation Commission
  • 30 years Financial and Accounting Experience



Dear Friends and Delegates,

I just submitted my papers to qualify as a candidate for California’s State Treasurer. Three other candidates are also running, but none of them have run statewide before. I have run for State Treasurer twice, earning experience and name recognition as a result. Because of this, and because there will not be an incumbent State Treasurer in the race, I have an edge to win both the June 5th Primary Election and the General Election on November 6th, 2018.

I received over a million votes in the last two Primary races for State Treasurer, earning important name recognition among California voters. Meanwhile the other candidates have never run statewide.

In my last campaign for Treasurer, I received close to 3.0 million votes—almost 42% of ballots cast—many of which were from voters registered as Decline to State or Democrat. We will focus our campaign primarily on these two classes of voters. With your support, I’m confident we can win in June and in November.

My experience in business and as a CPA eminently qualifies me to be State Treasurer. I recognize that California is desperately in need of a true fiscal watchdog to manage the state’s finances, especially if a Democratic candidate wins the Governor’s race. Both favored Democratic candidates are known for their liberal proclivity to increase spending throughout the State budget.

My priorities for California include:

  • Reform State Public Pensions by starting a defined contribution plan for new employees and keep the present pension plan for current employees.
  • Change the State Constitution so the State Treasurer and Controller will be appointed by the Governor’s Office rather than elected, helping us recruit truly expert people.
  • Improve the State’s credit rating from fourth to last to an acceptable rating of AA or above.

I encourage you to learn more about my candidacy in the attached Candidate Statement in the Secretary of State’s Voter Pamphlet that will be mailed to more than 17 million registered voters. More information is available on my website at www.gregconlon.com

If we can win the June 5th Primary Election, the State Treasurer is a winnable seat in November. This has widespread potential ramifications for the State and your pocketbooks. We cannot miss this rare opportunity to start steering California towards the direction of fiscal sanity and away from the cliff. That is why I am asking you to join me, Greg Conlon, in my fight for the place we call home.

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Greg Conlon


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