Auto Insurance Fraud Reduction

Reduce the amount of fraud in the auto industry to reduce your insurance rates.

I will work on reducing the amount of fraud in the auto insurance industry caused by fraudulent actors in staged auto accidents.  Unfortunately, there are some body shops and medical doctors who stage fraudulent claims that we the regular honest insurers have to pay in higher insurance rates.

These issues and many more will be my platform and plan if elected to this important position.  I can only accomplish this with your endorsement on the CAGOP portal

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  • Dmitriy Bellfurussia
    Hello Greg,
    if you can answer my questions, as I am somewhat responsible for an elderly russian speaking community since their have a very limited English, and rely on me for recommendation. So, if you can answer a few questions, preferably yes or no

    1) Is biden a demented scum?
    2) is climate change blown out of proportion almost to the point of the hoax
    3) are the illegals contaminating LA?
    4) Do we need natural gas and oil? Drill baby drill?
    5) Is Waukesha registered sex offender (brookes) who used an SUV to run over white people at the Christmas parade a scum and a black supremacist?
    6) should the critical race theory be taught in schools?
    7) should the illegals be allowed to attend public schools paid by the taxpayers?
    8) should parents be able to decide how toraise and teach their children about filth, transgenderism, sex and etc.
    9) should sex be taught in elementary schools or middle schools, transgenderism? drag queens?
    10) should schools be in bed with unions and marxism?
    11) Abortion. A statue issue? A baby a lump of cells or a living organism? Can define the word “woman?”
    12) Are you an ULTRA MAGA man?

    Thank you
    Dmitriy Belyavskiy
  • Alexander Glew