Former Sec. of State George Schultz and Gov. Romney hit home runs at fundraiser.

At a fund raiser in the SF Bay Area Sec. of State Schultz introduced Gov. Romney to the crowd of over 500 supporters.  Sec. compared Gov. Romney to Pres. Reagan in his ablility to face complex problems and identify simple steps to solve complex problems and issues quickly.  He mentioned the Salt Lake City Olympics as an example where Romney came in to the situation with over a $350 deficit and was able to solve the financial crisis and make the winter Olympics one of the most successful.

Gov. Romeny then in making his comments hit a home run when he discuss how he would explain to a person from Mars the two choices to develop a society of free people.  First he explained a system where an organization would be established that would hire the best and brightess and put them to work developing what products and business should be established and what prices should be charged with heavy regulation to enforce the society.  The second choice is to let the best and brightest go out on their own and take an idea, raise the money, hire the people to develop products that there was a market for and create jobs to keep producing these products and jobs to build an successful society.  He then explained that his choice was the second free enterprise system not the system that President Obama advocates of over-regulation and government made decisions.

I hope Mother Jones is able to put these actual comments up on U-tube to properly define Gov. Romney and this basic difference between him and President Obama.