Greg Conlon for US Senate's Position on Immigration Issues

Greg Conlon for US Senate's Position on Immigration Issues

(1) Reduce the number of illegal aliens coming in the nation by enforcing expiration of visas. There are approximately 11 million illegal aliens in the nation of which about 40% (about 5 million) entered the nation legally on either student visas or work visas (Green Cards) but who stayed after their visas expired. The simplest way to solve their illegal status is to ask them to return to the country that issued their visa, or if they still qualify, have them apply for a new Green Card or student visa. This simple solution may eliminate the problem of illegals who came into the country legally but are staying in the country and taking jobs that would otherwise be taken by citizens.

(2) Reduce the number of illegal aliens who entered the County illegally by crossing the border in a illegal manner. The remaining 6 million illegals are more difficult to deal with because many are taking jobs that many legal citizens have no interest in filling. The largest number of these illegals are working in the agriculture industry. We need to reinstate a work visa system that would qualify them to perform seasonal work when necessary. These temporary work permits would require individuals to return to their native country once the season is over. Children of illegal aliens who are born in our country now have legal status and therefore are more difficult to deal with. If we deport the illegal parents, there is concern about splitting up the family or forcing the legal children to return to their parents’ country of origin. My solution is to allow the parents to stay in the country on temporary visas until the youngest of the children reaches 18 years old. At this point they would be considered an adult and must register for the draft. Many legal citizens, myself included, have had to survive on their own after reaching the age of 18. 

(3) Improve the protection of our nation's borders using electronic technology to stop more illegal aliens from entering our country. This is a lot easier said than done. Of course a high wall would do the job but it would be very costly and take an extensive amount of time. I believe the use of drones and electronic detention devices would be a lot less costly than building a wall. Alternatively, building fences like the ones used in the Middle East would be just as effective and a lot faster and cheaper to construct than a massive wall.

(4) Employ different means such as E-Verify to get illegals presently in the country to leave without a mass deportation. The current E-Verify System has been discredited and is not in use due to many errors in identifying people. Since credit card companies are able to ascertain the credit worthiness of applicants, we should be able to verify citizenship as well. Every person applying for a job would be cross-checked in the E-Verify System and unless documented would not be allowed to work here. If we enforce E-Verify, illegals would be unable to find employment and almost always have to return to their country of origin, making deportation unnecessary. 

(5) Deprive the so-called Sanctuary Cities of all Federal funding. We should require such cities to turn over all illegal aliens released from jail to the Immigration Customs and Enforcement (ICE) agency regardless of the type of crime committed. Currently most of these cities turn over these illegals to ICE if they have committed a serious felony 
involving violent acts. Turning over all illegals when their sentence has been served would lead to their deportation by ICE. 
(6) Closely monitor the issuance of student visas to restrict the number of foreigners from entering our Higher Education Universities and Colleges. There is a general belief that some colleges and universities are admitting foreign students to 
their schools merely to obtain the higher tuition they charge them. Whether this is true is the issue. These schools and foreign students would have to demonstrate they are not keeping out legal citizens who have higher Grade Point Averages (GPA) and SAT scores. State-run schools and universities should have higher admittance standard for foreign students than local resident 
students. Summary Comments regarding Immigration Recommendations. There are other issues that need to be addressed in the area of illegal immigration but these six are the issues I believe most important


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  • Ron Shuss
    commented 2016-05-23 21:19:46 -0700
    Why has my question been flagged? It’s a simple question. When I click on the “Flag” it shows: Respect everyone’s time. No spam. This is not spam, this is a serious question and may help with my decision in voting for the next Senator. Thank you.
  • Anonymous
    commented 2016-05-23 18:22:27 -0700
    What is your problem with giving us your stand on the second amendment? Please reply.
  • Anonymous
    commented 2016-05-23 18:18:55 -0700
    What is your stance on the second amendment and the constitution? Why do the two other comments have flags on their posts?
  • Ron Shuss
    commented 2016-05-23 09:18:30 -0700
    What is your stance regarding gun rights and the 2nd amendment?
  • Larry Kerber
    commented 2016-05-13 06:56:10 -0700
    where do you stand on gun control and the constitution

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