Homeoweners' Insurance

Make sure there are insurance companies to insure your homeowner’s risk:

My approach would be to develop a program that would make insurance companies take such risks, or provide a stronger insurance industry-backed pool of funds like the present California Fair Plan.  It now tries to provide an insurer of last resort within California with the Cal Fair Plan.  The insurance companies provide a pool of funds to cover the high-risk consumers who have incurred large losses after a major catastrophic event has occurred. 

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  • Jane Hernandez
    What makes your policies better than Robert Howell’s policies, for instance?
  • Mike Carole
    Our homeowners insurance dropped us (claimed we were high risk), even though we had the same policy for 28 years and less than $5k in claims in the past 3 years, but more that “two” under their guidelines put us in the “high risk” :-( !?!? Our claims were not due to a “major major catastrophic event”, so what about us? What protections are there for Californians like us?
  • Alexander Glew