My Letter to the Legislature

See full letter here.

I would like to recommend two amendments to the final AB 1711 bills which you were one of the major sponsors. 

I recommend that you and the other members of the legislature that support AB 1711 consider an amendment to the bill that would provide an automatic increase in state appropriations to the UC System Universities. This increase should be proportionate to the required percentage increase under Proposition 98 each year for K-12 and Community Colleges. Furthermore, I recommend that in order for the UC System to receive the increased appropriations, it would have to adjust its operating expenses downward by one half of the increase in appropriations required in the first amendment above for at least the first three years to get the UC System’s financial condition on a sound basis.

Whether I am successful or not as one of the final two candidates in the November general election, I will pursue these amendments until the bill AB 1711 passes both chambers or is defeated. Thank you for your consideration of these amendments.