My experience in business and as a CPA eminently qualifies me to be State Treasurer. I recognize that California is desperately in need of a true fiscal watchdog to manage the state’s finances, especially if a Democratic candidate wins the Governor’s race. The Democratic Candidate for Governor is known for his liberal proclivity to increase spending through out the State Budget.

My priorities for California include:

  • Reform State Public Pensions by starting a defined contribution plan for new employees and keep the present pension plan for current employees.
  • Work to eliminate the $800 minimum State income tax to help start-up companies get on their feet.
  • Improve the State’s credit rating from fourth to last to an acceptable rating of AA or above.

I encourage you to learn more about my candidacy. State Treasurer is a winnable seat in November. This has widespread potential ramifications for the State and your pocketbooks. We cannot miss this rare opportunity to start steering California towards the direction of fiscal sanity and away from the cliff. Above are some of my policy priorities.